Little About Me and What I Do | 2d motion graphic cover letter

Caitlyn & Jeff | wedding video

McDermott Cue Ambassador | billiards video tutorial

McDermott '21 Cue of the Years | 360° product video

Sutton Mine Trailhead in Ouray, Colorado | hiking edit

Deer Garden '19 | beer garden video walkthrough

McDermott '21 Cue of the Years | product video

Pride Abrasive Inc. Water Stones | product video

McDermott '21 Cue of the Year Enhanced | 360° product video

Reprint Logo | 2d motion graphic​​​​​​​

Real Estate | apartment video walkthrough

Interview w/ Sponsored Pool Player | video production

Lemony Lentil Soup | cooking edit

Float Life LLC for 1st Time Floaters | 2d motion graphic checklist​​​​​​​

Float Life Web Banner | loopable video banner (resized for various platforms)

Black Cat Alley '19 | alley video walkthrough

Bicycle Handlebar Tape | product video

Mailbox Peak Hike | teaser edit

instrumental: Sam Lachow featuring Nacho Picasso - Albino Rhino (no affiliation w/ wta and artists. just an edit for fun)

Mailbox Peak Hike | official edit

instrumental: FATE - Escape My Mind (no affiliation w/ wta and artist. just an edit for fun)

Travel Sages Logo | 2d motion graphic​​​​​​​

Wadlow, The Downfall of DoOwEe | Basketball sizzle reel

instrumental : G-Eazy - Random (no affiliation w/ artist. just an edit for fun)

DoOwEe, Transformation of Man to Beast | Basketball video/audio experience

music/sfx/game footage : Sega (no affiliation w/ Sega. just an edit for fun)

Devil's Lake State Park, WI | hike / bouldering video adventure

instrumental : Joey Pecoraro - Tired Boy (no affiliation w/ artist. just an edit for fun)

WITMER-ism - "Lovely Day" | 2d motion graphic music video

​​​​​​​Gossen Corporation Stair Railing Installation | instructional video