One year old birthday invites for the homie Samuel

One Year Old Birthday Invite

4" x 6" Birthday invites for sir Samuel - Photoshop and Illustrator

illustration of my mom and sis

Mother and Daughter Illustration

11" x 17" Print of my mom and sister - Illustrator and Photoshop

MacZilla the realest OG

Little Mac

24" x 36" Print of my friends' newborn, Mac - Illustrator and Photoshop

people lie, numbers wont poster by kyle trueblood

People Lie, Number's Won't Poster

24" x 36" Print highlighting the best individual NBA performances in Madison Square Garden - Illustrator and Photoshop baby shower invitation

Baby Shower Invite

Baby Shower Invitation - Illustrator and Photoshop

trueblood baby shower envelope design for print

Baby Shower A9 Envelope

Baby Shower A9 Envelope - Illustrator and Photoshop

WITMER-ism artwork created by kyle trueblood

Artwork for WITMER-ism's "No Clutch" Album

Album artwork and packaging for WITMER-ism's "No Clutch" album available on iTunes and CD Baby - Illustrator and Photoshop

signs of deception by matthew j. anderson

Signs of Deception Novel Cover

Cover design for the novel Signs of Deception (work in progress) by independent author Matthew J. Anderson - Photography and Photoshop

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